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Why are some policies well received and evoke the necessary action, while others fall off the radar or at worst, cause unintended consequences?

This presentation will consider the role of physical activity in improving individual and population health in England. It will consider inequalities in activity across the life course, the associated challenges for increasing physical activity across the population and opportunities to address them…

Activity break and networking

This presentation will include an analysis of the development of the ageing and physical activity agenda with specific reference to the UK and European case studies.



This presentation will focus on the collaboration across some of the UK’s biggest health charities in order to influence the practice of health and physical activity professionals to increase physical activity. It will look at how the collaboration works and look at tackling the influencing issue from a behaviour change perspective.

Active ageing is not just about exercise and physical activity but also about reducing sedentary/sitting time. How much time do older adults spend sitting every day? Who are those tend to be most sedentary? How can policy help people age actively?


Afternoon Tea

This presentation will include considering key points from a systematic review, along with policy / practical implications of the Public Health England guide.

Could physical activity policy for older age groups be better informed?

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