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Emmanuelle will draw on her research with Master runners to understand the important role that bodily sensations can play in the decision to go into the mountains in all weather.

The presentation will explore issues of risk, how it is understood, managed and averted by older athletes in the pursuit of continued physical exertion within the context of Highland games.

12:15 - 13:15


| This presentation will examine how a group of older Swedish women were able to form and reproduce a commitment to sport over time, and to translate this commitment into resilient strategies in old age. (Script available on speaker profile page).

Experiences of older adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, who engage in physical activity firstly via a therapeutic education plan based upon Adapted Physical Activity will be discussed.

The panel discussion is designed to provide an opportunity for those participating in the seminar to hear several people knowledgeable about masters sport to present information and discuss personal views. It is anticipated that the panel discussion will help the audience further clarify and evaluate their positions regarding a range of topics discussed over the course of the day and increase their understanding of the positions of others.

Opportunities for individual networking but also for group discussions and exchanges on three important issues raised by the day’s presentations: how to research physical activity, what make interventions successful, risk in sport and physical activity. These activities will draw the seminar to a cl…

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