Tea and coffee available on arrival

Why a seminar on hard to reach groups is important when thinking about ageing and physical activity.

This presentation examines the extent to which this diversity is recognised in national policy guidance for promoting physical activity among older adults.

This presentation explores the processes involved in partnering with local older age people living in sheltered accommodation, to design, deliver and evaluate a health and sport engagement project for people in later life.

Reflections, questions and comments on the mornings talks.

12:30 - 13:30


This presentation will explore the validity of the evidence resultant from physical activity intervention trials.

This presentation will explore the complex interaction between stroke and exercise in this specific group of survivors.

The Amateur Swimming Association’s Dementia Friendly Swimming Project will be discussed in this presentation.

Tea and coffee will be provided!

This presentation will introduce a newly-funded research project that will offer Tai Chi to community-dwelling older people with dementia.

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